a film show by EFC founding members

Matter and Return: the films of Aoife Desmond and Esperanza Collado.
The artists will be present to introduce their current projects
6pm / Sept 20
Guesthouse, Shandon, Cork.

Collado's practice works with the physical matter of film in a way that brings together the most plastic and sculptural aspects of mechanical projection. Her working process derails and stitches the infrastructures of cinema as a factory of sonic light. Her two new works 'The Gas Thus Cuts in Bits' and 'The Illuminating Gas' are handmade ephemeral collages which, by injecting injecting interruption and suspension in the flow of the celluloid strip, attempt to generate direct experiences of gaseous perception and optical sound.

Desmond's practice uses Super 8 film to document neglected areas of the cityscape and to expose the hidden significances of the nature found within it. Her two new films 'Buddleja Forest' and 'Meva's Garden' portray a return to nature and the human urge to transform a wasteland into a garden. Sound plays an important role in these films. Interviews, field recordings and a recorded prosaic narrative are combined to create film works  which can be read as anthropological.