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City Symphonies (Part 2)

5pm / 31 May 2009  
The Odessa Club (Dublin)


'City Symphonies'. Ruttmann’s silent film 'Berlin/Symphony of a City' made in 1928 will be accompanied a reading of extracts from Seigfried Kracauer's 'The Mass Ornament'. There is an interesting relationship between the film and Kracauer's text. Ruttmann's 'Berlin/Symphony of a City' shows empty Berlin streets and works as a melancholy meditation of a city revealed through it's architecture and light rather than the activities of it's inhabitants. Kracauer was critical of this lack of human life in the film. In 'The Mass Ornament' Kracauer discusses the seduction and power of large spectacles and display. There is a tension created between the juxtaposition of the film and the text. Wael Noureddine's film 'Ca Sera Beau (From Beyrouth with Love)' madein 2005 is a tender portrait of a war torn city. Amongst ruins, the camera moves through the streets and into peoples apartments giving an intimate glimpse  of his friends lives. With a vibrant soundtrack 'Ca Sera Beau' works as a temporal film collage revealing the little seen effects of war. Ruttman's 'Berlin/Symphony of a City' made in 1928 between the two world wars also captures a city at a pivotal moment in history. 

Berlin/ Symphony of a City
Walther Ruttmann 1928 B&W silent 65'

Ca Sera Beau (From Beyrouth With love) 
Wael Noureddine 2005 colour sound 30'

Film-programme curated by Aoife Desmond